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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We all scream for ice cream!

Let's face it- few things are more awesome than the ice cream truck.

An ice cream cooler on wheels that plays "The Entertainer" up and down the neighborhood streets...who knew such throwbacks still existed?

Our kids can hear the faintest strain of that jingle through the woods and suddenly they drop everything and yell: "THE ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!!"

The girls, plus Anna who was with us for the day, rushed to the end of the driveway once I gave a thumbs up on the ice cream idea (which was to be stowed in the freezer for consumption after supper.)

The ice cream truck illicited all sorts of excited responses.  The first one was jumping:

Followed by running:

then gymnastics:

And then, when the ice cream truck circumvents your street and you can see it pass you by, there is nothing left to do but scream:

Perhaps we should rename it the ice scream truck.

In the end, I drove down to the general store and bought a half gallon of mint chip which probably cost me half the price of 3 ice cream truck novelties.    No matter, I would have paid $20 these pictures are so priceless.

1 comment:

Angela said...

Love this!!!!!!! Anna told me allllll about it.... You can only imagine the stories she told when she got home :)

Can you email me a few of the photos?

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