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Sunday, June 26, 2011

all in a days work

We had our first day at Schoodic this past week and it was everything we had been dreaming about through the dark, cold, snow-blown winter.

The kids frolicked happily on the beach.  Since it was too chilly and a tad too windy to really swim, they set to much more important tasks such as clearing the water of the countless dead fish they found. 

(This was disturbing on lots of levels and we have no idea the species of fish or the reason for their demise.  But we do know that it kept this industrious foursome very busy.)

Some collected fish. Others collected water.  And Ella was responsible for packing sand around the bucket.  They were organized like bees in a hive, I tell you.

Kind of gross, but also rather impressive.  I lost count at 50.
And what are three moms to do but simply sit and tend their young?  It is tough, but somebody has to do it. Here is our perch:

Afternoons like this feel like a giant thank you for all the grueling moments of tantrums, solo bath/supper/bedtime shifts and trying to pull it all together day after day. It only takes some sand between my toes, happy squeals on the beach and the warm sun on my skin to make it all worthwhile.

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