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Thursday, August 31, 2017

What we did at summer camp.

This year we took our summer vacation, as always, at the lake.*

Sunshine, sand, water, games, boats, fishing, paddling, catching up on sleep, family dinners and playing from sun up till sun down. The most pressing questions of the day: is there such a thing as too many chips at the lake? Should I shave my legs today or tomorrow? Which bikini today? Swim and then read or read and then swim?


Each year the kids are, obviously, older. But this year it was noticeable. Kids could be in the lake without an adult having eyeballs on them every second. Kids were piloting boats, kayaking independently and even, if we were very lucky, applying their own sunscreen. (And if we were extremely lucky, not sustaining a sunburn as a result.) Ask any mom how much they love to sunscreen, and rescreen every 2 hours, their uncooperative children. It ranks up there with mammograms and cleaning the garage.

We have our own fleet!

One of my favorite things about this vacation is the amount of time the girls get to spend with the people they love. 

Tia, stepping up her Aunt duties with a tooth extraction.
Ella, Brady and Skyler
Maya and Makenna. The "Littles" as we call them. 

My family came to visit as well! Which for Maya meant someone else to beat at Uno.

And for me it meant some seaside fun in the nearby coastal town where they stayed and the utter fun of introducing my mother to the game of Balderdash. 

Michaela, Kathryn and Braeden

Kayak paddles aren't just for kayaks, right?

I love this picture. Ella outraged about who knows what, Maya making her goofy face and Piper taking it all in. 
Piper made sure to supervise the eating of all shellfish.

Tia, Mark and Miss Casey Boo

Kristi said she bought this t-shirt with me in mind, being that I am the most aggressive of her "sisters". I confess, I am immensely flattered.

 "Yes, this is adolescence calling. We are coming for your child. No, no. Sorry. There is nothing you can do about it."

Beautiful girl. 

My annual birthday party, long ago dubbed Suzapalooza, was almost a no-go due to weather but the hardy stuck it out!

Reed, REALLY wanted to carry the cake out. And the whole while he said, "Oh! I really hope I don't drop this!"

I wouldn't dream of having a party without Ange. As usual, she blew our minds with an amazing homemade dessert, a giant peanut butter cup, and kept filling my glass with Sangria. 

Emilie, Sandi, me and Ange. My tribe.

It's either a cake for an 8-year-old or a very young 41-year-old. Then there are these heart overflows with love for them. 

Perhaps the culmination of our two weeks at the lake, and certainly a sign of the kids' newfound maturity and bravery, was conquering the rope swing across the lake. This pictures are more blurry than I wanted but you get the idea.



Our nephew, Brevan (in the orange trunks) was like, "Hey! Why not go to the tippy top of the rickety, poorly constructed wooden platform and swing from way up high?"

Despite the adrenaline rush he was on for the remainder of the afternoon, the adults were not a big fan. Boring adults, always so focused on things like safety and preservation of the spinal cord.  Piper was also highly distressed by the situation. She stood by on rescue alert, crying and whining until finally, unable to stand it, I let her go after him.

Life at the lake is like nothing else. It calls us back. Always. 

*An enormous thank you to Sandi's parents, Dwight and Patti, who make this possible year after year.  For the place, for the boats, the gas to run them, the lobster and, most essentially, your endless supply of love and joy....we love and appreciate you immeasurably.
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