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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Just...Yay: celebrating the life of Maya

Maya Annabel Carver, a profile of a nine-year-old

Favorite food: pasta

Second favorite food: pasta

Third favorite food: pasta

Nicknames: Maya Moo, Maya Moosie, Miss Maya, Maya Papaya, Maya Goodness

Best known for: climbing like a monkey, her infectious joy, being freakishly strong and incredibly silly, leaving her socks in every corner of the house, not reaching 50 lbs until age 8,  and funny faces

Primary language: trash talk (runner up: potty talk)

Favorite pastime: gloating

Most despised pastime: sleeping

Superpower: LOVE. And the fact that she never tires (10 P.M.: "I'm not tired! Maybe just my legs... a little.")

Future occupations: clown, linguist for the United Nations, cartoon voice over, circus performer, stand up comedian, ruler of the world

Pet peeve: injustice (especially of the sibling variety)

Favorite word she still says like a little kid: "Pacifically", as in, "I pacifically told you not to touch that, Ella!"

Most often heard saying: "In your face!" and "Maya rocks!" and "Boo Ya!" and "I love you more than you love me and I can't hear you!!!" (followed by a door slam or some other rapid escape)

Favorite game: anything she can win

Loves: her family, her puppy, her friends, legos, pasta and WINNING

Dislikes: LOSING

Most impressive skills: adept at speaking in various accents, being able to eat her body weight in pasta, spot on sound effects, the ability to make everything game under nearly any circumstance and one of the most loving and generous hearts you will ever meet

Sports: gymnastics, competitive showering/tooth brushing/getting in the car/clearing the table, climbing of all sorts, filed hockey, diving, running, basketball and skiing

Life goals: to be a millionaire and own 30 dogs

Possible name of her future band:  Shaken not stirred

Best known for: eccentricity, stamina, joyfulness, having a wiggle (that lives inside her body and finds its way out during everyday activities) and an insane sense of humor

Strengths: quick wit, crazy big biceps and strong self-concept

One year plan: Be the boss of third grade

Five year plan: World domination

Perhaps our niece Makenna said it best: "When you look into Maya's eyes you feel like joy is coming to you."

A few nights ago after Maya had finally succumbed to sleep, I went in to give her a kiss. She rolled over and said, "Yay." I whispered, "Yay, what?" She rolled her tongue around in her mouth, trying to find the words.  "Just...yay." She didn't remember it in the morning.

In her birthday card to Maya, Ella wrote: Being your sister is an amazing experience, along with a hard one (sometimes :)). What I mean is, I am so thankful for you and wouldn't want any other sister. You make me laugh (everyday), cry, scream, smile and much more."

We don't always know what to do with her and sometimes we have to rock, paper, scissors to decide whose turn it is with her, but one thing is indisputable: we are all better because of Maya.

 Happy ninth birthday to our one-of-a-kind girl! We love you. To the moon and back.

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