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Monday, October 10, 2016

What we did on summer vacation...

This past summer had a bumpy start but finished with a bang with our usual 2 weeks at camp, some of our favorite days of the whole year. And because September hit hard and fast (each of the girls getting settled into new schools and into new sports), it is October before I am even posting these pictures. 

Suffice it to say that 2 weeks at the lake with your feet in the sand and lots of family time (on both sides) means tons of laughing and playing and the making of great memories.

It also means a lot of s'mores. To the point where you expect marshmallow with your breakfast.

There is no place like camp. As soon as you step onto the dock, your entire nervous system says, "YES."

If you were to ask the girls the best thing about Schoodic, hands down it would be family. To have playmates (in the form of cousins, grandparents, aunts and friends) at your disposal around the clock is no small thing when you are 8 and 11. 

 In other news, Maya perfected the swan dive.

Water skiers! Ella for the second year, me for the second time ever in my life (with a 22 year gap in between).

Sandi, of course, is a pro.  Little to report there.

 And, as usual, there was the I-hope-no-one-gets-a-spinal-cord-injury tubing Sandi and Kristi know and love (and I tolerate with intermittent calls to "SLOW DOWN!" to their father who captains the boat).

Me and Jaxie

The dramatic weather changes at the lake are amazing. 

For my 40th birthday this year, Sandi and company through me a very surprising surprise party a few weeks ahead of my actual birthday. It was wonderful and amazing and crazy fun. And, because I am this spoiled, we still held the annual Suzapalooza birthday party at the lake on my actual birthday. This year, in honor of the Olympics, Ange came up with the idea of doing Suzapalooza Olympics. Ange made medals, I bought chocolate and ribbon and fired up the glue gun.

There were many competitive events for the kids everyone. A huge thank you to our ever equal-minded judge, Kim, who competes in her own competitive event making it across the blueberry barrens to get to camp each year.

Three-legged race:

Tube jump:

My favorite picture from vacation

 And, of course, the dock jumping competition:

For obvious reason, Sandi took home a medal. Also known as a KitKat.

And a Can Jam tournament. If you haven't played this game, please put it on your summer list. It is SO freaking fun. 

There was some early bragging and trash talk as pairs one and prepared to play the other winners...

But in the end, this father/son pair took the trophy.

The coveted medals:

 Medal winners! (Everyone who participates is a winner. We are just that liberal with the chocolate.)

There is also a competitive class for the most relaxed.  Everyone is a winner in that class.

Ange made me not one, but TWO, cakes. (I REALLY love cake and she really loves me.)

 Wow, am I ever blessed to call these people my own. (Not pictured, but sorely missed: Emilie, Tim and kids who WILL be there next year!!)

'Till next year! (And a BIG thank you to Patti and Dwight who make all this fun possible each summer!)

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