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Monday, October 10, 2016

On getting a puppy...finally.

The girls have been wanting a dog for what feels like forever. Or I guess it has been 4 or so years. In the world of begging that is an eternity. 

Sandi and I had three dogs at one point, before kids, and as kids took over the majority of our time and energy we did not replace dogs as we lost them. The last dog passed away while Sandi was in anesthesia school and I was very clear that I could not have something else to take care of during that time.

It turns out I wouldn't be ready for another few years. Anesthesia school was a little brutal all the way around.

I was clearly the hold out in my family about a dog. I credit my overall intelligence. I knew to whom the primary responsibility would fall. After having surrogate care of Jaxie, our niece dog, for a couple of months, I could tell I was finally ready. I only wanted a dog when I knew its presence would be joyful and not just another cloying item on my to-do list.

So suddenly (or very, very slowly), it was time.  This was one of my top 3 favorite surprises ever.

We went to meet our puppy when she was only 3 weeks old and the girls had to wait an excruciating 5 more weeks until she could come home.

The girls bought all of the supplies for our puppy. Shopping for these supplies was never dull.

We picked Piper up on the last few days of our vacation at camp.

To say she has become an instant and inextricable part of our family would be an understatement. Here she is posing for first day of school pictures.

 Piper sort of goes everywhere with us. Turns out people love puppies and the smiles that multiply when you bring your puppy around makes you feel like you are in charge of the sun.

watching field hockey

her new friend Greta, the great dane

Obviously, the girls are in love.

We get quite a kick out of the places and ways Piper falls asleep.

while designing a kitchen for the new house

 She is growing so fast, as only a puppy can. And though it is true that she isn't left alone a lot and we make sure she gets plenty of play and exercise, she isn't the crazy chocolate lab people cautioned us about. She has the most loving disposition and easy nature. She is also very trainable (and it turns out so am I) and puppy obedience has gone a long way to reduce frustration on everyone's part.

learning to beg from her cousin Jaxie

I'm so glad I knew to wait until I was ready to get a dog, especially a puppy. I am totally smitten with this little brown ball of joy. And because she and I spend practically every waking minute together, she has become somewhat of my baby. 

First hike...

...followed by a very wakeful ride home.

Truly, the world sparkles a little bit brighter since she came along. And in case you are wondering, the answer is yes, Maya is already begging for ANOTHER dog.

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Janet Crowley said...

Love your Piper story!! What a beautiful puppy! I love his face!!

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