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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fisher Farm, this might be our favorite year to see you

Community supported agriculture.

Doesn't that just sound lovely?

Yesterday was our first day for farm share pick up at Fisher Farm ( and boy were we ever counting down the days. Perhaps in part because everything about spring this year seems like a miracle (like that actual edible vegetables could even grow out of what was recently a frozen tundra) or maybe that my appreciation that we have a LOCAL and ORGANIC farm to belong to just down the road is even greater this year.
This is our 8th year as members of Fisher Farm.  In those 8 years we have made lots of changes along the path to becoming more conscious about what we eat, with this year being the most transformative.  We have made a true commitment to know where our food comes from, what it consists of and how it is grown.  We've become mindful that organic, while perhaps the gold standard, isn't always better if the item is shipped cross country using untold amounts fossil fuels and energy and leaving a massive carbon footprint.  I have become conscious of nearly everything I toss in the trash and our poor kids must hear 20 times a day, "Shut the water off! That's wasteful!"  Ella has taken to bringing her orange peels home from lunch so she can compost them.

I guess you could say we've kind of become eco-geeks.

This year, more than any, I couldn't be more grateful to simply drive down the road and see the smiling Fisher family with the fertile dirt under their fingernails, rows upon rows of crops and a shed full veggies.

And, naturally, every spring we all get a kick out of the baby chicks and the fact that you could probably pull up a chair and watch them grow before your eyes.

And after paying $5.99 1-2 times per week on a box of Olivia's organic spring mix or baby spinach, this was a sight for sore eyes.  Look at all the green!  It's like you can actually see the nutrients bursting out. Spinach, arugula, 2 head of lettuce, a bag of spring mix, radishes, bok choi and fresh flowers.  Hear a sigh of contentment.


Emilie said...

you got some GREAT shots of the farm! It looks so inviting that I just wish I was there with you! :)

Angela said...


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