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Sunday, June 5, 2011


A 12 week long tyranny, in the form of a course in Biochemistry, has finally come to a merciful end.

Sandi has been taking this laborious class on the minutia of the cellular and biochemical world as a prerequisite to starting graduate school for nurse anesthesia in the fall.

Or at least that is what she told me. Perhaps, in reality, she spent $1000 of some overpriced electronics item and has been hacking into people's computers whilst she has been tucked away in our office, hour on end and I'm the sucker here.

The course of this course, and the 12-15 hours per week dedicated to it (both by her in studying and me in increased child responsibility) has meant we have spent little time together, she has missed many special occasions and has had to lock herself inside on the few beautiful spring days we have had. Her commitment and nose-to-the-grindstone effort has amazed me and sometimes left me wanting to steal her away and take her pale face outside to see the sunshine.

Her final, one test that represents her entire grade, was yesterday morning.

She needed a B to pass.

Of course, in the true spirit of the overachiever, she got a flippin A.

And we got her back!

(At least for the summer. And we are trying to remain in active denial about the fall when her study schedule will be biochem on steroids.)

We spent the afternoon in the yard, had a fire and dinner outside with the girls and down to the waterfront for yet another concert (a Beatles tribute band and the Bangor Symphony Orchestra) that Ange gave us free tickets to!

Sandi took these beautiful pictures of my garden in the hours since her parole:

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