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Sunday, June 26, 2011

gone on a boat ride

There are so many things to love about the Carvers.

Add to the list that they have a working lobster boat that can also second as a touring boat.  Are you feeling this?  This vessel can haul delicious lobster from the ocean floor AND provide a mobile, educational playground for our kids and breathtaking scenery and unlimited joy for the adults.

Meet "Mums Girls".

Our nephew Brevan's dad serves as Dwight's sternman (and son-in-law) and Brevan is all about fishing.  This is his post whenever he is on the boat.

This is his mom.  They are too cool for words.

Ella's grandfather let her have a turn at the helm.  Good thing she dressed for this.

Captain Dwight, fisherman, father, grandfather and father-in-love, telling us a story about the sea while Ella steers us off into oblivion.

Not surprisingly, Maya was able to find her audience, even on a moving lobster boat.  She would run toward the stern toward Tricia, Kristi and I and screech with delight as her hair blew in the wind.
It didn't hurt that with every approach, we did this:
She did it no fewer than 50 times.



kristin marie said...

I'm a big fan of the "father-in-love" but am still wishing for the in-law for you soon. Hope you don't mind I shared your post about coming out to Ella with a friend of mine here (married in Iowa, one of the 6!) because it was so well said. & I'm totally jealous of that ocean boat ride!

Kirsten said...

What a fun day--we so miss Maine and this post highlights what my summers would look like in my imagination if we moved back-----minus all the girls. We are a boy-dominated family :-)

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