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Monday, June 6, 2011


Maya and Anna strutted their stuff in a somewhat hokey and entirely adorable dance recital this weekend.

Ange and Anna:

The ballet number. You can see Ange and I "backstage" laughing.  They were so freaking cute.  At one point Maya turned back to me, arms outstretched and I waved her back to dance.  Then she caught sight of Sandi videotaping in the front of the audience and she put her arms out to her and was whisked off the stage mid-performance.
Followed, after a wardrobe change and much waiting, by the tap routine.  With her stage fright gone, she tapped and clacked for the crowd and was still up there as her class was exiting stage right.

Me with the ballerinas.

Ange learned from a parent that it is customary to bring flowers to a dancer after a recital.  Who knew this meant three-year-olds?   I made them some sweet little bouquets for their big moment.

Every time Ella asks if Maya is going to take dance next year Sandi practically yells, "GYMNASTICS!"  She feels dance isn't exactly a match for this physically wild child.  I, on the other hand, am downloading applications for Julliard.

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