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Saturday, June 18, 2011

gone for a run

Ella has asked me all week when she could go for a run with me.  This morning I woke up at 4:30 so I could get in a 10 mile run and not have it affect our family day too much.  (As a side note, I was tremendously relieved to know I could still run that far since I haven't since the Sugarloaf Marathon 5 weeks ago.) Shortly after I got back, the girls changed into their running outfits and laced up their "zoomer shoes" as they call them, and we went out for a run.

(In reality, I had to say many times, "Just get dressed!! It doesn't matter what watch you have on or if you wear a leotard under your pants!")

Maya was NOT going to be pushed in a stroller.  She was going to RUN.

Maya did more actual running than Ella. Ella kept saying she wanted to go "far" but she was not incredibly motivated to actually move. Maya, not surprisingly, was a bit of a speed demon.

I began to take the break-it-down approach with Ella. Let's run to the next mailbox, to that flag, to that tree with the crook in the trunk.

Finally she said to me: "I am a beginning runner you know."
"Yes, but and you learn to run by walking AND running. Let's run a little more."
"OK. Otherwise if I just walk well...then I guess I would just be a walker."


After a re-fueling smoothie, the girls wanted back outside.  It was POURING.  They wanted to wash the car.  Why not?

All of our buckets are filled with sand for our patio laying project so I filled their wheelbarrow up with soapy water.  Needless to say, this was a hit.

Back inside, we found Sandi had made pretzel dough and we discussed the possibilites for the day.  We suggested the possiblity of a movie and Ella said, "Nah, I don't want to watch a movie."  Music to our ears.  We ate lunch, Sandi and the girls made pretzels and off they went to make up games.
Later, I went to grocery shopping and Sandi and the girls hit the street again for a walk.

Can anyone feel my plight as the launderer in our house? This is outfit #3 for the day.

Why pass up a good opportunity to go for another run? Thata girl!
And after this there was still time for some tree climbing and to play "vegetable stand" where Ella stands at the kitchen window with the screen open and Maya comes as the customer to get baby carrots before dinner.  I'm telling you, these kids are just thriving without TV.

I will be honest, sometimes I just want to say, can you please watch something and just give me a minute to make supper?  But before I know it they are off and playing some other made-up game.  (Which is all well and good until Maya does something not in Ella's grand plan and the screeching and slapping starts.)

Ella asked me yesterday: "Why are kids so much more colorful than adults?"

 I don't know but ain't it the truth?

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