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Friday, June 17, 2011

SUMMER VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As summer stretches her long legs out before us, we have so many, many things to look forward to: days on end at Schoodic, lazy mornings absent of backpacks, crustless sandwiches and harried reminders to "stay focused!" while getting ready, days at the beach, camping, a trip to Storyland and Santa's Village, campfires, outside dinners, catching lightening bugs, bike rides, hiking, vegetables from the garden and the umpteen yard projects we have begun.

I also hope for moments like this:

and smells like this:
and more sights like this:

Yes indeed, we are now parents of a bonafide first grader.  We celebrated tonight by staying up late enough to meet Sandi for ice cream after work, climbing some trees and making up an impromptu obstacle course. 

Ella even asked to go for a run with me in the morning.  While I believe this to have more to do with her want to wear a pair of running shorts her cousin passed down than to actually move her legs in continuous motion, I am thrilled just the same.

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