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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can I get a YA-HOOOOO???!!

News on the milk front!

Hampden is going to be starting a pilot program in the fall to phase out chocolate milk!

It looks like this: kindergarten gets only white milk, first grade gets chocolate once a week and second grade gets it twice a week.

And the 3-5 school is getting rid of strawberry milk all together!  (Yes, they really had it.)

I'm hoping once the initial crankiness wears off, this program will follow these kids up through their educational ranks with the natural outcome being that in a few short years no kids will be offered chocolate milk.

My campaign was for a once a week offering of chocolate so I am thrilled and think this is a real success!

Allow me to say for the record once again that I am not opposed to chocolate milk in general and certainly not to chocolate itself.  Our house is never without a stash of chocolate in bar, chip and sometimes ice cream form.  But I say leave the chocolate to be rationed out by parents and the schools can take the heavy for serving the white stuff.

Good job Hampden!  I am proud to be among your ranks today.


Emilie said...


Emilie said...

I mean! WOO HOOO! you rock! (Skyler is a little mad that the 2nd graders get it TWICE A WEEK!)

No seriously, you are so awesome and you stuck with this even when it became bigger than you thought it would. I love you!

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