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Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 1... a surprising success!

I went to bed last night ready to wake up and eat cleanly today. 

When I woke, I thought about doing one of my vigorous exercise DVDs and then had a very strong knowing come over me. 

I want to use this time to refocus myself in every way.  So instead of my normal push, push, push of my body, I did some yoga and mediation and then I sat down and had a cup of (decaf) tea with Sandi before she went to work. 

I did not hit the ground running as I normally would.  I felt calm and light hearted.  I was overcome with presence.

This is the delicious bowl of goodness I ate for breakfast:

Oatmeal with blueberries, ground flax and raw cashews.

I spent the whole morning cooking and then making yet another run to the grocery store for a few things I had forgotten and needed for recipes.  Plus I needed to stock up on toilet paper since I am peeing every 30 minutes with all this water consumption.

For lunch, quinoa edamame salad recommended by Emilie's cousin (recipe of which can be found here) and a green bean walnut salad from Moosewood.   And the wonderful company of my friend Ange of course made everything taste better.  (As an act of solidarity she even guzzled her ice coffee before she got to my house.  Talk about a friend.  Perhaps she was concerned I might wrestle her to the floor for it.)

I even made ice cream cones for the kids and wasn't even tempted.  OK, that WAS a little freaky.

Tonight for supper, peanut butter soup, tossed salad with tahini dressing and warm roasted sweet potato and a pint glass of fresh vegetable juice.

Naturally, I feel so good I can't see eating any other way.  Ever.

1 comment:

Emilie said...

wow! I'd definitely call that a success! Good job making such nice things for yourself! Can't wait to debrief later... summer for me is so close! xoxo

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