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Saturday, June 25, 2011

today I came out to my daughter

I told Ella that we were going to go to festival of sorts today, which was actually the Gay Pride festivities.

Ever eager for details and specifics, she gave me the third degree.  This is how that conversation went:

Ella:  "Is it for kids?"

Me: "Well, there will be some things for kids.  It is actually called Gay Pride and it is for everyone."

Ella: "What does gay mean?"

Me: "It means when girls love girls and boys love boys."

Ella: "Do some boys actually love other boys?"

Me: "Yes."

Ella: "I've never seen that."  Pause.  "Well, I like gay."

Me: "See, honey, gay people were not always treated so nicely.  Remember how Mommy and I were fighting for the right to marry and we lost the vote?  Mommy and Momma still aren't allowed to get married in our state.  But just yesterday the state of New York decided that gay people there could get married.  Some people in the world don't think that people should be gay.  But being gay isn't something you can change about yourself.  I love mommy and that is just the way I am made.  I can't change it just like I can't change that my skin is white."

Ella: "Or my hair is brown."

Me: "Exactly.  Well, since people haven't always been nice to gay people, they decided that they would have a  party and be proud of themselves.  Now they do it every year and we are going to go."

Ella, thoughtful:  "You know, I may be gay or I might not."'

And that was that.

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