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Saturday, September 11, 2010

the things you don't want to hear

Ella has been doing well at school but has been struggling more when she comes home. Whiny, tired, argumentative and impatient, she takes out her frustrations on those who love her the most, particularly poor Maya who misses her during the day and asks about her often.

Today, Saturday, she woke up particularly moody and irritable with Maya, fussing and complaining about Maya's every look, comment and movement. Eventually, their conflict turned physical with someone hitting someone else, who cares in what order, and bruises and red skin marks were made. I spoke to her, yet again, about it-how much we miss her and are happy to have her home, how lucky she is to have a sister and that it isn't okay to treat her like that.

She began to cry and said, "I used to have you and Mommy all to myself! And I was happy! And then Maya came and ruined everything! I wish she wasn't here!"


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