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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Camp Winniaugwamauk

I just found this post among drafts that haven't yet been posted. These are pictures from July when we spent a few days volunteering at Camp Winniaugwamauk, a very lovely and open- minded camp for kids that Sandi's sister Trish runs. Sandi was, in an official capacity, camp nurse.  We were also "camp family" and brought the ruckus. 

Tricia, director extraordinaire, superstar auntie.

This was the girl Maya adored, Suzy, or "Thuzy" as Maya called her.  Here, Maya is trying to feed Thuzy pasta, a major act of love in Maya's world.

I can't resist posting this picutre:

Sandi and Trish hugging the incomparable Kim Giggy. Officially the camp pastor, this is woman walking around in normal shoes, but really is simply sunshine contained in a human body.

It is startling to realize how much the girls have changed in these few short months!  It makes me long for summer and long for fall all at the same time. 

If only fall didn't also mean loading 3 cord of fire wood, taking the air conditioners out, installing pellet stoves and getting the yard ready for a winter's sleep. 

P.S. on the fruit flies.  I've tried the traps and having the most luck with Gretchen's jars with detergent and vinegar.  The traps are catching a lot of flies but there are still a lot flying around.  Hmmmm.....

P.P.S.  on the sickess- day 11 I think and finally coming out of the woods.  No joke.  Going to try to run tomorrow and see if my body will be strong enough.

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