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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

morning visitors

One of the best parts of our new found schoolhood is our Tuesday/Thursday mornings with Skyler. Her dad drops her off, the kids play for a while and then board the bus (the soccer mom mini-van bus) to commence the school drop offs for Maya and then for Skyler and Ella.

(As Sandi said when we were coming and going at the school, "Oh, my goodness.  We are our parents."  I always think this when I get in and out of a minivan.  I must say, the 26.2 sticker does make it a tad bit cooler.  I think it is totally worth it to run a marathon just to make your minivan a little less lame.)

Sometimes the girls play upstairs. Sometimes they play school in the office.

Sometimes I get really lucky and I get to be part of their most extraordinary conversations.

I have been asking Skyler for the past two weeks what she wants for her upcoming birthday.  I suggested a baby elephant.  She deemed this inappropriate.  Today I suggested 10 reindeer.

Ella: "I know exactly where we can get 10 reindeer!  Santa's Village!  Right, Mom?"
Skyler: "Umm. Okay. But only if they can be flying reindeer."
Me: "You got it."
Ella: "Oh, we can go pick them out at Santa's Village!"
Maya: "I want to go to Santa's Billage!"
Skyler: "Actually, come to think of it, I think 10 reindeer might be too many for me to take care of.  It sounds like too much work. Okay, let me tell you the acceptable pets I can get.  I can have a baby puppy, a baby kitten or a bird."
Ella: "Well, Skyler, do you know that baby kittens don't last forever?"
Skyler: "Yes, I know that."
Me: "How about a genie in a bottle?"
Skyler: "No thank you.  Too much work."
Me: "A genie?  But he will live in the bottle!"
Ella: "And you can get wishes."
Skyler: "Yes, but only 3."
Me: "How about a magic wand."
Skyler: "Maybe..."
Me: "If you had a magic wand what would be the first magic you would perform?"
Skyler: "I would make my brother stop jumping on me in the morning."  (And then world peace?)

We all then ponder the genie in the bottle (my argument:  you can just make one of your wishes that you get unlimited wishes.  Duh!) versus the magic wand.  Ella puts in her two cents about fairy dust.

Skyler: "Actually, I think I know what I want.  I've been wanting to get some things to take care of my (stuffed animal) mouse.  Like a bottle and a blanket.  Then my brother will think he is real and will come over to kiss him and I will make the mouse puppet snap up and get his nose."
Ella: (seriously)  "It isn't very nice to play a trick on your brother."
Skyler: "That's true.  Okay, but I still want that so I can take care of my mouse."
Brief pause in the conversation.
Skyler: "I wish I had some quiet time. You're so lucky Suzanne. You drop us off and get to have quiet time all day."
I sputtered.
Finally, before they got out of the car, as they continued on the merits of various gifts for Skyler Ella said, "I will talk to you more about this on the playground if you want to Skyler."

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