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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a kindergarten party

We thought it would be fun to celebrate our kindergartner's who'd had a bit of a tough transition to school, but in the end pulled through like true champs.

So, we had a party. Just the Smith's and the Carver's but that is all that is needed for a party, I've found.

We had party hats, ballons, noise makers, dinner, blueberry pie and ice cream sundaes.

We are so very proud of our big kids, perhaps more than anything proud (and a bit teary) that in the end, they are still themselves. Happy to be together, laughing, screeching and carrying on.

There are some things kindergarten can't touch.

And, as always, as soon as the Smith's pull out of the driveway, Ella asks, "When are we going to see them again?"

1 comment:

Angela said...

We seriously need to get a shady lawyer who will arrange this marriage for us!!!!!!!


and yes, the eight (soon to be NINE) of us are all we need for a damn good party any day!

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