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Saturday, September 18, 2010

plain 'ol funny

It is a beautiful day for a 13.1 mile run but instead I am home sick, all of us recuperating from a week of illness.

In light of that, here is some levity:

Ella got a hand-me-down toy. One of those giant Barbie heads that is more like a bust. You can decorate the hands and nails and do its hair. It's kind of freaky. She LOVES it.

The day after she got it, at breakfast she nonchalantly says, "I've never had a neck of my very own to decorate before."

When we saw Sandi's seven-year-old cousin Noah a few weeks ago, he had a few questions for her.

Noah: "Where do you live?"
Sandi: "In Hampden."
Noah: "Where does Auntie Suz live?"
Sandi: "In Hampden. In our house. We live together."
Noah: "Is she your bride?"

Maya's new expression: "Momma, can you get me a snack." "Yes, Maya." "Then do it."

Ella and I were painting the playset last weekend. I told her to please watch out for drips and what portion of the brush to dip into the paint so she wouldn't have paint dripping down her arm. She said, "I'm just a little kid. What do I know about painting?"

Ella told me that she has a different way of speaking at school- an accent as she calls it. "I talk differently at school," she says. "It sounds funny when it comes out. I try to talk my normal way but I just can't. It doesn't happen. Then when I come home I go back to my regular way of speaking." I asked her to show me but she couldn't. Naturally, she must be at school for the accent. People in Hampden probably think she is British, or maybe of the pig Latin descent.

This morning Maya, Ella and I took the dog for a walk. Ella spent 20 minutes preparing wardrobe and accessories for the outing up the street. Maya gathered a baby and book to carry. As we walked, Ella said, "Why does Maya need all that stuff just for a walk. Oh, wait. Why do I need all this makeup and jewelry for a walk either?"

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