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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We are currently having some technical difficulties with blogger so the format looks a little weird.  Check back often for who knows what the blog will look like today!  We lost, and are trying to retrieve the side bar and the blog archive contents.  They are at the bottom of the blog in case anyone can't live without them. 

Ange told me today that when she pulled up the blog she only got pink and "The Carvers" but no text or pictures.  My thought? "Oh, no!  What will my readers do?"

And then I laughed and said to myself, "Get a hold of yourself woman.  The world will still turn."

Unrelated but on the topic of issues, we have a MAJOR fruit fly problem in our house.  This usually happens at the end of summer and lasts a few weeks but this is off the hook.  They are EVERYWHERE.  They are in the bathroom, upstairs and down, on the detergent over the washer, on the mirror, on the toilet, in the pantry, on the sink, in the office on the computer screen, even flying out of the refrigerator. Forget fruit, these flies don't limit themselves to such pedestrian matters.  It is freaking me out. 

Someone suggested lemongrass oil.  We've sprayed it, burned it in a diffuser, and I've thought about snorting it.  It works but only for a short period.  Any one have any ideas??

Humorously speaking:

Ella has been putting together some (FINALLY!) really cool outfits lately.  I told her that my favorite part of the day is seeing what she will come down the stairs wearing.  She told me her favorite part of the day is seeing what kids pull out of their lunchboxes at school.  Fair enough.

This morning Maya was obsessed with going to work with Sandi.  After she left, Maya kept saying, "I go to work with Mommy."  She packed her bag, put on some jeans (with her PJ top) and donned some shoes.  "You take me to Mommy's work now,"  she instructed.  I told her I needed her to stay home with me, wanted to spend time with her- "But I will go to Mommy's work and then I will come back to you," she promised.  I told her maybe later.  She persisted.  Finally, after 30 minutes of back and forth I told her I couldn't.  "Yes you can!  There are cars everywhere out there!" she said, pointing outside.

We made zucchini bread this afternoon and she watched me peel the zucchini to get the tough skin off it.  "You getting the trash off it, Momma?" she asked.


The Thai Family said...

We just recently had a bad fruit fly problem. Take a soda bottle or large water bottle and cut the top third of it off. Save it. Put fruit in the bottom of the remainder of the bottle (a banana peel, split grapes, whatever you have) and take the top you just cut off and flip it inward and tape it together. The fruit flies go in and they can't find their way out. Took 4-5 days but all our flies are gone now. Make sure to take the trap outside and empty when you've caught some. We had them flying all over the place too. It was insane. I felt like we had been invaded.

Gretchen said...

Our fruit fly potion is a jar with vinegar (any kind, I used up the leftovers from cider and balsamic and that served double duty of cleaning out my pantry) a few drops of dish detergent, and then a coffee filter secured to the top like a funnel, with a hole poked in it. They are attracted to the fruit & vinegar, but the density of the detergent traps them, and the funnel action keeps any hardier ones from escaping. We also stop composting (we have a bucket under the sink to collect compost between bin runs) for the fruit fly weeks. Happens to us every summer, too.

Katie said...

vinegar & dish detergent has always worked for us & whoever we reccommend it to...we don't get any fancier than upside down yogurt tops laid out all around..just just fly right into it and die.

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