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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

religious texts I can make work

We all have our issues. Fear of heights, type A personalities, control issues, OCD, perfectionism, fear of failing, lack of assertiveness or self-confidence...

And the inability to make pie crust.

This has been a problem for me most of my life and I have coped with avoidance. I don't make pies. I don't eat pies. I only make them, and show my flaws, for those who love me most. If you've ever gotten pie from me, consider yourself in the inner circle. (If you haven't please don't take it personally.)

I've tried store-bought dough, Sandi's grandmother's "secret" dough recipe, I've asked for tutorials but been too embarrassed to go, I've sworn off pie crust forever.

Until, among my friend Martha's cookbooks, I found Rose Levy Beranbaum's "The Pie and Pastry Bible."

I swear her basic pie crust recipe is really for her own entertainment to see if she can get people to freeze their flour ahead of time, individually wrap butter chunks to chill, count the pulses on the Cuisinart AND still manage to shape dough into beautiful works of art.

But in the end... all the swearing and threatening to throw marble rolling pins aside...

in the end I made a pie!


Emilie said...

that is a show-stopper. i'm impressed.

Christine Nichols said...

Beautiful pie! Lard is the answer. You just let me know & I'll hook you up. Got a bunch in the freezer.

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