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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

buh-bye Target

Target has REALLY *&%^$ me off.

I switched to Target when they came to town a few years ago. I found the shopping experience so much more pleasant than the flourescent experience of Walmart. Plus, there was the added bonus of seeing all the other moms with small kids there.

Once, I accidently took an item out of the store without paying for it when Ella was a baby and I shopped with my stroller. I quickly went right back in to pay for it (not a small feat when you have an infant and you've already been in once) THAT is how much I loved Target.

Loved. Past tense.

Target has apparently donated $150,000 to an anti-gay politician by the name of Tom Emmer. He is staunchly against gay marriage and allegedly sponsors a "Christian" (that's better with the air quotes, isn't it Beth?) rock group that professes it's ok to kill gay and lebian people.

If you want to read about it:

I have decided to boycott, which pains me to say, partly because that means back to Walmart. But also, in the day of mammoth oil spills and a ridiculously long war, do we still need to be talking about civil rights??

2 comments: said...

we can do this together, right? hard for me too. damn target.

Katie said...

i know..doesn't that SUCK? this was a sad day for us, too. and, to make things worse - we hadn't shopped at walmart for a long time already b/c of their screwed up big business politics, so - no more big box stores for us! did you know best buy is on the wrong side of the fence, too?

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