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Saturday, September 3, 2011

new funnies

Not surprisingly, these are mostly from Maya:

Turning to Ella in the car, with no pretext at all: "I think I love you Ella."

Drinking from my Camelbak water bottle and observing the small rumble of air exchange after she sipped: "Momma, your water bottle snores when I sip it."

Donning a purple tutu outfit from her older cousin and having Ella and I tie the tops of her ballet slippers, she announced, "You two can be my servants."

Randomly while we were driving in the car (and said with her little lisp): "I sthink I sthaw a puty cat."  (I realized later they had been watching Looney Tunes.)

These are Maya's sweeping statements of grandeur lately and they are said with such frequency that it is hard to feel they are entirely authentic anymore:

"I love everyone!"
"I love everything!"
"You are the best in the world!"

She is also big on deflecting responsibility.  When she spills her milk she says, "It spilled all by itself!"  Last night she peed the bed for the second time in three nights and she said, "The pee came out all by itself," which I'm sure is exactly how it seems.

Maya is REALLY into rocks.  She has umpteen baggies, pails and piles of rocks and sea detritus all over our house.  There are rocks on her headboard, the bathroom sink, in her purses, in her pockets and in her dresser drawers.  After a particularly fun seaside adventure with her aunt and grandmother last week, I found a piece of sea glass in her underpants. 

Her rock obsession also means I overhear myself saying things like this, "Maya, don't play the ukulele with a rock. You will break the strings."  Which leads her to say, "It isn't a ukulele, it's a guitar."  (It's a ukulele.)  And so I have to say, "Maya, please don't play the guitar with a rock."

And, lastly, one good one from Ella.  Driving in town we passed a statue of man (I confess I'm not sure of whom) and Ella asked, "Is that statue the Statue of Liberty's husband?"

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