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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

soccer-less soccer mom

This is the crazy that is my life today:

Up at 5 to stretch, pay bills, do computer stuff, get bank deposits and a package to mail ready, make lunches.  Maya wakes at 5:55. Sandi leaves for three day stretch at 6.  Maya talks my ear off while I attempt to extract a CD from the recently removed (because there was a CD stuck in it) van stereo. I pack stuff for the entire day since I will barely be home.  Rouse Ella from sleep at 6:45 then walk the dog.  Cajole Ella into dressing and eating (after listening to a litany of complaints about our breakfast options- why won't I make waffles on a school morning?) and greet Skyler at 7:25.  Do a bunch more packing/organizing and increase my to-do list ten fold while only crossing off 2 things. Leave for school at 8:20.

Post office then bank then Maya to school.  Four mile run (and almost have my car towed because they were paving when I returned).  Home to shower and grab stuff then off to work to see three clients.  Finish just in time to get Maya at school, then Ella and Emerson at their school.  Run out to Winterport to the farm, drop off Emerson and get girls to joint swimming lessons (HALLELUJAH!) at 3:30.  Back home for supper and early bedtime because the kids will be EXHAUSTED and then resume all the laundry, fridge cleaning and massive to-do list. 

This day will end with me hopefully watching the very cheery 127 days wherein a think a man has to chew his arm off.  And that will be the relaxing portion of the day...

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