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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

seeking common ground

We made our annual trip to the Common Ground Fair in Unity, ME over the weekend. We love this super crunchy, eco-friendly, back-to-the-earth, liberal, pestiside-despising, barefoot-wearing, falafel-loving fair put on by MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmer's and Gardner's Association.) It is sort of like a three day utopia where peace on earth exists for three days between the hours of 9:30-6.

Our kids always get geared up for a fair of any sort and Ella seemed not to notice the absence of refined sugar in any of the food. Phew. One less thing for her to complain about.

Since the start of school Ella has had a slight attitude problem. It is like she went to sleep a six-year-old and woke up a hormone riddled thirteen-year-old. She is angry and bossy and mouthy and I'm kind of at a loss. I'm guessing (hoping) all the massive transition this fall is to blame and I'm trying to be firmly compassionate while she rolls her eyes, harrumphs and screams at me and Maya.

Despite the emotional tyranny going on in our house, we attempted to enjoy our Sunday afternoon. After a 4 1/2 hour morning study session, Sandi was all ours from 11 on and it was such a flippin relief.  To have her in the car!  To have her company!  To have her help with the kids!  I went from marooned on a deserted island to the bow of a cruise ship sipping mojitos.  Who knew a partner could be so happy with a measly 7 hours?

Our kids are struggling to find common ground right now.  They fight a lot (partially due to Ella's emotional storm) and I find myself whispering to myself in the depths of the pantry "Don't scream. Don't scream." There was no lack of irony that we were at the Common Ground Fair.  Where, I must confess, no common ground was actually achieved between our girls and we had to leave early as the level of whining and discontent grew within and between them.

But here are some snapshots before it went south.

The best part of the $20 admission?  Riding down the hillside on pieces of cardboard.

(Can I just brag for a minute and tell you that Sandi MADE that dress for Ella?  She made it over a year ago and it finally fits her.  I swear there is no end to that woman's talents.)

There is so much to see at the fair:

including some things you'd never have thought of....

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