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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

when bravery dons a helmet and saddles up a horse (okay a pony)

Ella, our often fearful, apron-clutching child who was afraid the back-to-school barbecue would be fraught with dangerous unknowns, has stepped entirely out of character and requested to take riding lessons.

When your child shows such unprecedented bravery for a new endeavor you start making calls.  And asking people if they want to chip in. So certain was she that she even wanted it enough to receive it as her birthday gift from her family members. 

She has been counting down the days.
Maya, contemplating a horse:

I'm not at all surprised that Ella has a propensity toward horses.  She has such a gentle soul and feels things so deeply.  She connects both with horses and dolphins, both of which I would argue are sentient beings.
I was lightly questioned by concerned aunts about the reputation of her teacher and the safety of putting Ella in possible harms way on the top of a horse.  Sandi of course went right into "head injury" territory.  Luckily, this is not one of those areas that I practice excessive parental anxiety (I do have those areas though- I would say my kid's diet is one).
Well, have no fear aunties.  This pony was not much taller than Ella.  And her teacher is an older, wiser embodiment of Ella's tender heart.  It was like Ella forgot to be nervous with her. 
Lisa Kingsbury, of Horsefeathers Farm in Hampden, was exactly the person I would pick to work with Ella.  We met her years ago in our massage practice and I've heard amazing things about her over the years.  (And can I just say that when my kids are grown and gone like hers I can only pray to have the shapely runners legs she has?)

Maya...well, she wasn't so sure about the whole thing.
She did a lot of waiting around and looking at this horse who sneezed on her a couple of times causing her to say, "Oh, no! Snot!"
Otherwise, she could be heard shouting "I want Ella to come off that thing NOW!"  and "I want to get on a horse!!" Meanwhile I was trying to manage the camera, the video camera (all I've done all week is take video of the all the big things Sandi has had to miss) and my iphone so I could shoot a picture to send to San and the rest of our family right away.  All that with Maya on my shoulders bellowing at Ella to stop that nonsense in the corral. 

It was fun.

Maya thinking over her situation on a bed of lettuce.

I can see Ella as horse girl.  I really can. 
Her smile said it all.

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Emilie said...

great photos, great job El.

Lisa and I played on the same soccer team 2 years ago... she's awesome. xo

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