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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

celebrating Mindy

On Saturday, Charissa through a really fun party for Mindy's 33rd birthday. It had a mexican/hawaiian theme, I guess, since we had delicious food from Margarita's and we wore leis around our necks. I love when the best of cultures collide (although I do think belly dancers maybe for next year).

The lady of the hour:

Mindy, like me, has always been more of the caretaker of the house and their family's everyday needs.  But the process of getting pregnant, and now being pregnant with twins, has at times put Mindy out of commission and Charissa has been rising fully and compently to the occassion, sometimes surprising herself in the process. Good job Charissa pulling it all together!

Emerson, decked out in lei, bike helmet and sidewalk chalk.  He was going native.
Laurie, who apparently does not like to have things hidden in her food and prefers the you-see-what--you-get approach to eating, was kept in the dark by Charissa about the fact that the chocolate cake I made had zucchini in it.  When we told her with one bite to go she said, "I knew it!  I knew you would sneak something in there!"

(I think I'm getting a reputation.)

(Laurie's partner, Jen, took most of  these pictures with our camera.  Thank you Jen.  The ones I took were awful. And I particularly like this one you took of Jen.)

Jen and Laurie gave Mindy a bell- yes, a tinkling bell to ring for Charissa's service.  I saw Charissa put it up high, allegedely away from the reach of the kids, shortly after Mindy opened it.
She had to pratice ringing it a few times first, though.

Maya helped me place the candles on the cake.  I was going for two groups of three for 33 but we groups of 2 and 4.  I told Mindy she was either 24 or 42.  That's what you get when you let a three-year-old help.
Happy Birthday Mindy! We love you!

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Charissa said...

Thanks Suz!!! Awesome cake too!!!

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