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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

two down, one to go

I am on the one-a-week plan.

I'm launching a family member a week off to school.

Last week was Sandi, today was Ella and next week is Maya off to Highland Preschool (Ella's alma mater).

I would say we are all doing better than expected with all the upheaval.  Sandi's three day absence last week seemed tolerable and I felt well prepared for her excessive study hours the remaining days.  Apparently on the first day of orientation, they told the students that the CRNA program is like drinking from a fire house.  Nice image.  But I am really impressed with her dedication- waking up at 5 am to begin studying at 5:30 and getting in 8-10 hours of study time some days. 

I keep thinking, better her than me. 

Today was Ella's big day.  First grade!!

Turns out first graders eat the same thing kindergartner's do for breakfast but she was so proud and excited I had to photograph her.
God love the PTO (which I somehow got nominated and accepted a position on without my consent) who throws an annual back to school barbecue.  Ella went from being anxious and teary about school starting to counting down the days. 

No tears for anyone, no nerves, no feeling of crab pincers in my heart.  Just happy giggles and proud smiles as Skyler and Ella (who are miraculously in the same class) marched into their school like they owned the place.
Maya and I had the BEST day alone together with nary a conflict in sight.  We have so much fun together and she is such a big help. It was SO flipping nice to have a break from sisterly spats and random acts of sisterly violence.  I no longer feel torn in a million directions to help bridge the chasm of my children's differences, preferences and developmental time lines.

My life felt peaceful and restored to a sense of normalcy.  I willingly bid adieu to summer and bonjour to fall.  I grudgingly acknowledged to myself, school makes me a better parent.

Sam and I waited to pick up our girls and were surprised to see them each a touch melancholy when they exited.  Perhaps the day seemed long and the new routine a tad bewildering.  But soon there were smiles and stories about their great teacher and the high points of their day. 

Ella told me her teacher told her to send a small healthy snack. "So how was the Goldfish and fruit leather?" I asked. "Perfect, Momma," she said with a grin. I love when I get it right.

She also informed me she was the best behaved in her class (?) and that she was the most quiet when they were waiting in line. She also told me she made a new friend, Annabelle, who says she lives in her own adult sized house and intends to throw a party for her class soon.  Ella wasn't 100% this was the truth and told me so.

Skyler, contemplating what just happened in there:
Sisterly reunion. 
We caught up with Mindy and Emerson at the Fisher Farm.  He had his first day of kindergarten as well as his first day of public school having just transitioned from Montessori.  His response to how the day went, "It was awesome, fun and easy." 
He's running headlong into the whole experience.

Maya and Em just hanging on a hay bale in the early September sunshine.
And speaking of transitions, Farmer Beth just had adorable baby Jane.  I just love pictures of moms and their babies.  Nothing will change you more than that tiny bundle, that is for certain.
And for anyone who is curious, the chocolate milk is scant in the McGraw cafeteria as promised.  Second graders twice a week, first graders once a week and kindergarten not at all.  A mom was telling me after that she had seen it first hand at lunch today.  Her son said, "WHAT?  They got rid of chocolate milk?!?!" and then started bawling.  Hard.  I wanted to slip into the asphalt.

Then another mom said to me, "Your petition?  You mean you got it to pass?  I know who I'm going to go to when I want to enact changes around here."

Perfect.  Just the reputation I want.

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Emilie said...

thank you thank you for being there for Skyler's big day and documenting it so beautifully! We love you... so happy to share this part of our lives together.

Glad you are on the peaceful plan during the day! That's so lovely.


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