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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

...and the third one launched

Maya started at Highland Preschool this morning, the third of my three girls off to school for the fall.

I took her to the open house last week and had to DRAG her out of the place. She was thrilled to be going back and kept saying things like, "I have a backpack and lunch box just like the big kiddos."

Last year Maya was too young for Highland (it has two years of programs followed by kindergarten and Maya still had three years until kindergarten) so we had her a couple of mornings a week at a preschool for 2-3 year olds.  It was fine and we loved her teacher, but I can't tell you how thrilled we are to have her at Highland.

It is sort of the difference between eating sliced American cheese and creamy Brie.

Maya has become such a big girl and she is so adventurous.  It is fun to do this with a child who is pumped to go instead of digging fingernails into my clothes, begging me to stay.

Maya will be at Highland Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-2:30 (I pack her a lunch and she stays for the extended day so I can work). Today I had time for a run and do three massages before I went back to get her.  This is a much needed part of how our family will function this year so I can still work with Sandi being gone so much.

In each kids cubby is a packet of tissues, imploring the parents not to fret that they will treat our kids like their own.  I almost laughed at the notion.  I SO didn't need the tissues this time.  (Lest anyone forget I cried for a week when Ella started kindergarten so I am not immune to the crying with leaving.) 

Maya was just so certain of her happiness and so was I.

Sometimes I am struck by how much of a goody two shoes I can be.  Today, I decided to run the four mile loop on the roads around Maya's preschool.  In order to not take up a spot in the parking lot from the parents who drop off for the downstairs class 15 minutes after the upstairs class, I decided to park my van on the street.  Sure I had noticed they were paving the opposite side of the road.   The extent of thought I gave to it was that the paving was muchly needed and a mild nuisance to breath in as I ran by.

As I came to the end of the loop and back near the construction, one of the flaggers said to me, "Is that your car down there?" I told him it was.  "You'd better move it before they tow it.  It's holding up the paving."

Good grief.

One good thing I learned: the possibility of car towing is an awesome motivator to kick it into the 8 minute/mile range.

When I got home and listened to the voicemail on my cell, the director of Highland had called me asking if she could help me move my car since they needed to pave.  Did I need a ride somewhere?

Apparently the pavers had been held up for 15 minutes, idly waiting for the woman who owned the interfering car to return.  Someone had told them I left running so, allegedly, they had a truck circling the running loop looking for a female runner.

Allow me to say how grateful I am that I got back before they found me?  I mean, how humiliating to have a D.O.T. worker come up alongside you and ask you to please hand over your car keys or get in the car.

In my defense, it wasn't like they had any "no parking this side of street" signs up anywhere.

If only I didn't worry so much about fairness and equality and had just parked in the damn parking lot!

ANYWAY, I was really excited to pick up Maya and hear about her day.

The kids are playing on this beautiful back lawn when we pick them up.  It is so idyllic is makes me sigh happily.

Maya came running to me.  "You picked me up!'  "I love school!"  "I got to eat TWO lunches in TWO different rooms!"  (One was the communal snack) "I played on THREE playsets!"  "I sang songs!"  and on and on and on.
Overall, she gave preschool a giant thumbs up!

Then off to swimming lessons.  Maya likes to get into character.

Ella was completely panicked when we entered the pool, terrified about a new class and new kids and the possibility that they were going to make her go in the deep end.  But alas, miracles do happen and she is currently the only kid in her class so she ended up one on one with the teacher.  She was all smiles, solid swimming strokes, and beyond proud that all her summer swimming had made her better.

I brought the kids home for supper and a ridiculously early bedtime (they were overtired and Maya had had a big day) and managed to mow the lawn before I lost the sun.  And I did watch the movie "127 Hours" and it is phenomenal. I was nail biting rather than relaxing but I was glad I watched it.  If there is something you think you can't do, you should watch this movie.  It made me want to sign up for an Ironman. I have never seen grit and determination like that of this man whose arm got pinned to a boulder while hiking in a Utah canyon.  James Franco definitely deserved an Oscar nod for his peformance.  

Time to head to bed for another super productive day ahead of me tomorrow. I get to call my new insurance company and find out how to work a new system so I can get my pump supplies. Hopefully they won't hang up on me like they did last week.

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