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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yet another Smith to love!

Some of our dearest friends, Ange and Matt, gave birth to their third baby early this morning just before the sun came up.

Beckett (middle name as yet undetermined) weighed in at 8.4 pounds and measuring 21 inches long.

And I got to hold him a mere 9 hours old!

Impossibly tiny.  Inconceivable to hold my baby, who barely fits in my lap, holding a newborn and remembering with vivid clarity the first moments and hours and days of HER life with us six years ago.
The proud dad:

And one of my very best friends.  Good work, lady.  You make me teary with pride.

Since we are all done reproducing, it is really wonderful to get to go through the excitement and precious awe of a new life and a changed family without having to do the sleepless nights, the diapers, the nursing, the walking the floors with a fussy baby (but you guys know we will help with these, right?).  We give grateful hugs and kisses to this beautiful family and then I need to hit the kitchen so I can stock Ange's freezer full of easy, healthy meals. 


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