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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inappropriate clothing day and surrendering to the tooth fairy

As I said, Ella really wanted to wear her nightgown to school for PJ day. I agreed with the stipulations that she wear it like this:

Which means, of course, that on the way to school she asked if she got hot if she could remove her sweater (to reveal the flimsy, lacy trim of her summer nightgown).  I can keep up with her tricks right now but I am terrified about the day when she outsmarts me.

Ella has been holding on to her first lost tooth for quite some time and finally last night relinquished it to the vespertine fairy of lost teeth.  I'm fairly certain it was no coincidence she picked last night since she had made an unfortunate visit to the dentist in the afternoon to have her first cavity filled.  There was a lot of flowage of tears and even a few attempts to remove herself from the curved dentist's chair.  Perhaps she felt she should cash in the tooth while it was still in good health.

When Sandi got home I told her about Ella's big decision and she suggested that we make up a rhyme, print it on a small piece of paper and roll the cash inside it to make a scroll.  Why I was surprised by this idea, I have no clue.

I like to write but suck at rhyming so the credit here goes mostly to Sandi.  This was the message wrapped around a five dollar bill:

For your tooth that's in such good health
here is a small token of wealth.
A dollar will be given for each tooth still
but for this first one a five dollar bill.
Keep brushing and flossing everyday
It's for healthy teeth that I will pay.

Because it just makes good sense that the Tooth Fairy would be an advocate for good oral hygiene, right?

Ella was elated when she found the scroll and her empty tooth box this morning.  That $5 could have been $100 to her.  She said, "This is so impressive!"  followed by "Logan, at school said she got $10."  Damn Logan's parents what are you thinking?  Don't you know kids talk???

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