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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

what's goin' on

I just finished week 10 of 18 of marathon training, which culminated in a 17 mile long run.  Whew, all I can really say is that is really freaking far.  We have bumped our training plan up a notch from last year (from Novice to Novice 1- will the wild and crazy ever stop?) and it has us running higher mileage weeks as well as more long runs over half-marathon distance.  I definitely feel like I am stronger and better conditioned than last time but I am also tired and hungry (not the best combination for a busy mom).

This week coming has 38 miles of running in store for me. Need to charge my ipod and go get a snack.

In the same vein, this weekend is my first race of 2011.  It is a 20 mile race (nothing like starting off easy) that boasts a course in 3 states.  It starts in Maine, has a portion in New Hampshire and then ends in Mass.  I think this is supposed to make it enticing.  For me, the pull continues to me a hope to finish it on two moving appendages (that I pray are not my arms.)

In other big Carver news, we have had a fry.  Yes, a fish fry but not like you are thinking.

Sandi took the girls to get a couple of new fish over the weekend.  Our giant sucker fish had to move on to greener 50 gallon pastures and left our 10 gallon slum housing behind.  As a result we were in the market for a new sucker and, since the fish per gallon of water ratio would now allow, some new fish as well.  They got a captivating milky white fish with gossamer fins and a silly, cute one the color of orange sherbet with a distended belly.  Balloon fish or something, Sandi said.  All of them had that same kind of belly.

Before we even released the fish from their plastic bags, the sherbet fish has given birth to 30 or so babies.  Sandi came running in the kitchen calling, "Ella, come see! Your fish had babies!"

All I could think was, how cruel.  Why would you lie to your six-year-old about something as exciting as that?

Well, the joke was obviously on me.  Apparently, that distended belly made it all the easier for that fish to hide her shameful pregnancy.  Sandi has been wanting a larger, pedestal fish tank and has been looking for a second hand one unsuccessfully.  Then she decided she would wait a while until she had the time to get a salt water fish tank so we could have the "pretty" fish.  Now, because I can still count 15 of the 30 babies, it looks like she might get her fish and her wish, too.

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