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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This is our beloved Brady. The most gentle boy I know. Brady of the best friend category of Ella's young life.

Ella and Brady literally spent 7 days in a row together last week. They went to art camp together which included bonus time before and, often, after camp. Last weekend we took Brady and his sister Anna all day and then all the Smith's spent the night PLUS an all day trip to Bar Harbor the next day.

These two never once fought. They never once tired of each other.

Did I mention that they are like two peas in a slightly shy, super sensitive, intelligent, creative and with a flare for the emotionally dramatic shell? We comment all the time that each is like a mirror of the other in the opposite gender.

Here they are building a dam together. It's like watching two worker bees in a Utopian hive. They encourage, support and inspire each other. And they thrive.

Being that they are so similar, every now and then one of them will have a crisis of confidence and get a nasty case of the "I can't do it"s but usually the unaffected one tows the line and they make it through.

Here they are having lunch at Geddy's in Bar Harbor. Ella dropped her precious pink poodle on the floor and Brady, very chivalrously climbed down onto the dirty floor to retrieve it. I tell you, it's love.

Once last year, Brady told his parents that when he grows up he wants to marry Ella. Then he wondered, "I wonder who she will marry?"
Hard to say at this early age, but if you watch them closely, it looks like a whole lot of love to me.


Angela said...
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Angela said...

Damn outlawed arranged marriages!

That's quite a special girl you've got there Carver's. We all love her soooo much. I think though that B takes the award for loving her most of all.


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