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Thursday, June 24, 2010

that music in my head

We have an old school ice cream truck in our neighborhood. If you can get past your fears about child abduction, it is really very quaint. It goes around probably 4 times a week, the tinkling of "The Entertainer" beaconing children forth for overpriced, frozen novelties.

Ella has developed quite an ear for this sound and, like a dog, she tilts her head to a strange angle when she hears it in the distance, a good 5 minutes before the rest of us. It's freakishly like that scene in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" when the child-napper lures the hidden children with the jingling of bells and the promise of treacle tarts.

Anyway...dark and twisty thoughts aside, the ice cream truck had gone by and about 30 minutes later Ella said, "I have music in my head. Can you hear it?"

I told her I could. (I'm not entirely sure why.)

She replied, "What does it sound like?"

I hummed the tune of The Entertainer. Her eyes got really, REALLY big.

"How did you do that, Momma?!" she asked.


The Thai Family said...

haha! Love it!

Angela said...

Tell her it is related to your birthday gadget/pump!

Too cute, as always....


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