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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

all aboard the potty train II

We've been using some good 'ol fashion bribery in our house to move out of diapers once and for all.

Specifically 1 chocolate chip (Ghiradelli milk chocolate giant chips actually) for pee. Two for poop. Three if your an overachiever and you get it all done.

Maya earns these for herself for going. She also earns them for Ella. Yes, we are using the added benefit of peer pressure to insure success.

When we first started this a few weeks ago and Maya got one chip for going, she turned to me and said, "I want another." I told her she would have to go poop on the potty for more chocolate. In she marched and sat and sat and worked and worked. And wouldn't you know it...out it came. Cha-ching. Two more for each girl.

I think this is having the added benefit of improving Maya's likability quotient in Ella's eyes.

It took Ella about a full year to be potty trained. Maya being a quick study shoudn't be surprising but I find it astonishing. I am SO ready to be done washing cloth diapers and carrying poopy ones in my purse. We have been dealing with excrement in the pants for 5 1/2 years. To think we could be nearing the end...

So here she is, working hard...

with a chocolate face to prove her success.

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The Thai Family said...

Good luck! Our two girls were very different to train. Maddy needed it to be her idea and when it was we were all set! Hope it goes smoothly for you!

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