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Saturday, June 19, 2010

where the river runs

There are added benefits of long distance running. Such as finding this little gem of a place on a beautiful back road of Hampden. (I'm pretty sure no one but us, and the other couple that were there, know about it so I can't say where it is...)

When the weather soars to 90 degrees and you have little kids where do you go?

And swimming in 6 inches of water!

See the nets?

And the kitchen strainer?

Reed was very busy looking for "shrimp along the ocean floor."

Maya caught a lot of "fish." Otherwise known as dirt.

They got pretty good...

Ella insisted on bringing some home despite the knowledge that they would die. Last year on a similar beach trip we took with the Manharts snails were captured and I made her release them to prevent their unnecessary death. She was quite upset with my decision since Skyler was allowed to take her snails home. This time I let her decide and she watched her fish die their certain death in an old glass fish bowl. She seemed somehow vindicated and I wondered as a parent and human being just what to make of that. I asked her if she would choose that again having watched them die and she said, "I will take just one next time." I guess she can live with one death on her conscience???

Here they are in their last hours. R.I.P. minnows. Sorry to use you for parental teaching. Please forgive.

2 comments: said...

this makes you look like such a thoughtful mom, and me? well, i choose death of small creatures over temper tantrums of my children. why is this making me giggle so much right now? i suck and i find it kind of funny.

Jeannine said...

loved all the new posts - as always miss suzs! too lazy to post comments on each individually, so hope you'll accept my blanket version = D

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