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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what you don't tell a mom whose daughter is about to go to kindergarten

I saw a guy I sort of know (my former hair dresser's husband- kind of remote) in the grocery store the other day. We exchanged some pleasantries. I asked him about his wife and his son, whose name I am only just now recalling. He asked about our kids. I told him Ella was starting school in the fall.

And like a knife to my heart, he said, "Well, it all flies by once they enter school. You can forget it. They enter kindergarten one day and the next thing you know they are 13."

And I had been doing SO well with the school thing. Now I am going to have to figure out if I should just keep Ella locked in her room at home, nary to step over the McGraw threshold, or if I should start giving her growth stunting pills.

Or maybe I should just take a deep breath and learn to be present for each moment that I have now before my little girl turns 13...

Damn, I hate it when my inner voice gets all wise and know-it-all on me.

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