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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Sandi and I are off tomorrow to hike Mt. Katahdin- one of our favorite places in our whole beautiful state of Maine. This trip, to celebrate my friend Christine's birthday, is no small feat. Having exhausted all familial childcare help for the day, we managed to secure our top notch, muchly beloved college babysitter for the gig.

I pick her up at 5 am and she will have the girls from start to finish tomorrow, wake up to bedtime, as it will take us all day to hike the Beast.

For the girls I've got snacks packed, beach bag stashed, instructions (almost) written, house (almost) organized, emergency back-up adults in place and we have secured the children some sleep. I put Ella to sleep with her crying big, fat tears into my shirt and sobbing, "Puh-lease. Don't. Leave. Pre-etty. Puh-leeeeeease!!!! I love you! I will miss you! Don't leave meeeeee!!!" It is flattering, truly, but so heartbreaking.

Especially when she asks if she can call me if she misses me. Ummm... not in the back country darling. I'm going to take a photo and put it on my cell phone and leave it on the counter.

It was a really very interesting thing to figure out how much to pay someone to babysit ALL DAY. When we came up with a figure it seemed generous enough, yet still startling small for all the work she will do. Strange to figure out what my job is really WORTH in dollars...

So, off to finish the almosts.

Sunny and 75 on the mountain tomorrow. A back pack. No cell phone. An 11+ mile tough hike. Sandi, my running friends and a birthday to celebrate. Trail mix with M & Ms.

Color me happy.

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