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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the parrot in the back seat

We've been so busy out living that I haven't had much time to blog. I take tons of pictures and then just can't seem to bring myself inside for the necessary amount of time to actually produce a post. (It doesn't help that I have computer issues, personally about me, not about my computer, so everything takes me twice as long.)

I have a bag permanently packed for the beach which I think is a sign of a great summer. We've been to the beach/swimming a dozen times already and I had to buy a second bottle of sunscreen, another tell tale sign of sheer outdoor delight.

I heard someone say today, "Summer is going by too fast." And I was so happy to be able to disagree. I feel like I am soaking every last sweaty bit out of it. I've been on my bike, on my feet, up a mountain, had my feet buried in sand, have eaten outside a bunch, and have a 14 day vacation rounding the corner in which we are planning to essentially move to camp for the duration. (Guests welcome.) Summer in Maine is short. You can't allow it to be shorter by not being present. At least that is my motto.

All that being said, at some point I will post pictures of all this fun being had.

Maya's new favorite thing is to ask how you are. It sounds like this:

"How are you, Momma?"
"Good, Maya. How are you?"
"I'm very well. How are you?"
"Good, Maya. How are you?"
"Very well. How are you?"

Ad infinitum.

Except when I throw in a little variety:

"How are you Momma?"
"I'm awesome Maya. How are you?"
"No! You're not awesome. How are you?"
"Stupendous Maya. How are you?"
"No! You are VERY WELL!"

Sometimes I wonder why she didn't come with a volume button.

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