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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

summer eats

There are lots of reasons to love summer, but for sure the food alone is reason to be smitten. Because our house in infused with fresh, organic, local veggies every Tuesday (I have some sort of new potato, bok choy, red onion and garlic scape quichy thing in the oven right now), we have raspberries ripe for the picking and the children entertaining, and then cherries go on sale for $1.99 per pound (and I buy $30worth)... it is just a good time to eat.

This is a typical summertime meal for the girls:

Sandi and I, doing our part to eat every single leaf of lettuce our CSA farm pawns onto us each week, eat A LOT of salad. Like for a whole meal, probably 5 times a week. I've gotten more creative this year with finding recipes for new salads and ways to use the veggies that I haven't before and it is paying off. I will post my favorites.

But while the salad is being chopped, the chaos of the pre-bedtime events underway, there are always the cherries...

If you have never tried this, trust me on this one: freeze a small Ziploc of washed cherries and pull them out on a super hot day. Allow them 15 or so minutes at room temperature then pop one whole in your mouth. It is like the best Popsicle ever. Our kids go crazy over them. Plus a sandwich sized Ziploc of them, if you ration them a bit, can last you on a car ride from Hampden to Moxie Falls. I'm just sayin'....

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