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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sorry no pictures today

I have lots of pictures to put on the site but blogger is having difficulty uploading them this evening. We have been posting some pics along the side as well, but even that is not functioning properly today.
This baby is quite comfy right where she is apparently. She's not moving nearly as much, but when she stretches out, everyone notices the foot protruding from my right side. I am no longer able to sit down or stand up without the hands out in front rowing maneuver. Turning in bed is like throwing a sack of potatoes around in the middle of night. Perhaps my favorite is the legs splayed out as far as I can get them so as to accommodate her body when I'm seated.
"How can you be 38 weeks pregnant? Your belly is so tiny!" Anyone should try wearing this child around for awhile and then tell me she's not ready to come out.

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