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Thursday, October 18, 2007

No baby yet....

Ella & Brev snuggling in blankets and stuffed animals

Just wanted to put a quick post on the blog for those of you who check to see if the baby's here yet. We've been on Beals Island the last two days while Suz has been massaging. Ella has spent most of her time playing with Brevan. We've had lobster, crabmeat and veggies from Mom's garden. We've spent time with lots of family. Mom and Kris have turned the upstairs into a little apartment for our family when the baby comes so that Suz and Ella sleep in one room and the baby and I will sleep in another until nights are more restful. We're very lucky to have our own space when we visit.
Now, we're all a little tired and ready to be closer to Bangor when we go into labor. We have lots of great pictures from our trip. Will post a few later and give more update when we get home.
Hope everyone is well!!

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