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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Quiet Day!

Tia (this is what Ella calls my sister, Trish) and Ella had breakfast together this morning. Ella is still exhausted from her cold and it seems it's working its way through the family on both sides. Nobody's been feeling well the last few days, so I guess this baby knows to hold off for now.

I stopped working at the hospital this week. My body felt as though it had hit a wall and would push no further. My heart was beating in funky rhythms and I began to feel an exhaustion that I have not known before. I'm not sure that if left to my own devices, I could have taken care of myself, much less ICU patients. Fortunately, Suzanne had been taking care of both of us during that time. I had overwhelming support to stop working from family, friends, coworkers, care providers and a very pushy astrologer. Since then, I've been feeling better and better everyday. I'm probably the most well rested person in our house and now I can do a lot of the tasks around here so that Suzanne can work and not have to come home to do everything in the house as well. It feels amazingly refreshing to be more myself again. Perhaps that is part of the reason the baby has more peacefully settled in to her current abode. I've had no further contractions since last Wednesday.

Suz and Ella are getting in a very nice nap and I think I'll go pick up a book...

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