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Friday, October 26, 2007

Our Day Trip





(Still Here)

We're trying not to just sit and wait for the baby so we went on a trip today to Camden to have lunch with my mom (Gramma) and walk Sandi around to try to stimulate labor (I said we're trying not to sit and wait - not that we aren't walking and waiting.) Sandi has been having quite a time of it with her camera so we did a lot of stopping to take pictures along the way both in the car and on foot.

When we got home, we were all beat. At dinner, Sandi said, "Wow, I'm pooped." Ella looked at her, thought for a moment, the gears switching in her head and said, "In your pants?"

Last night Ella was pretending to write a check (she's a bit obsessed with having her imaginary checkbook- which is weird because we mostly use a debit card). She said she was writing it to her bunny, Blackberry. "How much is it for?" I asked. "Thirty Pounds," she answered. Apparently she has been watching just a wee bit too much of Mary Poppin's (daily) which is set in London.

It's 8:30 and we are seriously heading off to bed. I just remembered it's Saturday night... inward moan...

Okay, oops - I'm even more far gone than I thought... It's actually Friday night...

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Emilie said...

While you are waiting for your baby to come, would Sandi consider taking family pictures for us? HOLY. Those are amazing shots of Ella. And again, more fun stories about Ella. Thanks for keeping so current!

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