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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Ella & Momma at Conant's Orchard

Ella & Mommy attempt to snuggle with Baby M

Finally, a picture that uploaded. I've been trying for days to get a picture on this blog site ~ whoever manages this site has posted each day that the picture upload feature is fixed. Seems it is finally working. I will have more for you to view soon, I hope.

Still no baby. Well, there's a baby, but I'm the only one who gets to enjoy the shots to my ribs so far. Suzanne says that she looks even bigger today than yesterday (great... more to push out!) We've been having lots of sleepovers at casa de carver lately. Suzanne's mom, Jan, her sister, Kathryn, and our neice, Michaela stayed for a night early in the week. My sister, Trish, has been with us for a few nights. Last night, we had Trish, my other sister, Kris, and our nephew, Brevan, for an overnight adventure. We both talk to parents, grandparents and friends daily. We have been surrounded and blessed to have lots of support nearby as the baby's entry is approaching.

Ella has had quite a cold the last few days. Suzanne was hit pretty hard today with it and I am still keeping it at bay. We're figuring that a baby born into our poxed environment might not be the best idea right at the moment. She's hanging tight... smart girl!

Anyhow, there's the quick update...

Love to everyone!

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