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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blackberry & Potty Training

Blackberry- our almost lost rabbit. He was out in his pen romping around the other day and decided, oh well, why not jump the fence? I thought he was gone for good and said a quick prayer to the Rabbit Gods (did you know there was such a thing?) and then saw his head peek up through some brush and he gave a couple quick hops. I ran and got Sandi and we cornered him- a good thing otherwise I would probably still be chasing him all over Hampden. We would definitely had some 'splaining to do to Ella had he not been found...

A love fest on the living room floor.

This is Elmo falling off the potty training wagon. This pretty much sums up the stage Ella is at with the training as we speak.
Ella had her first day of Nursery School today and she did such a good job!! We are working hard not to pigeon hole her by calling her "shy" -rather she is what my mother calls "discerning." So today our discerning youngster stayed for two hours with complete strangers and HAD FUN! So did we- we sat at Starbucks and did a little shopping. We are so proud of our big (little) girl.
Some recent Ella bloopers:
Tia was eating dinner with us and she happened to see Ella with her finger driven
up her nose in an apparent search.
Tia: "Did you get it?"
A lengthy pause and look of disdain from Ella to Tia.
Ella: "Not yet."
We were at our midwife appointment on Monday and Ella was playing with a Big Bird stuffed animal. To keep things interesting, I started to make him talk to Ella.
Big Bird: "So Ella, do you poop and pee on the potty yet?"
Ella: "Yes, Big Bird, I do."
Big Bird: "Really? Because I heard that you used to go on the potty
but that you don't anymore."
This is the point at which Ella stopped talking with Big Bird.
When we got in the car I said, "Big Bird seems to think that you go on the potty."
She said, "Big Bird doesn't think."
Here's hoping for a baby soon.... Suzanne

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