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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The baby's name... according to Ella.

Lounging in the Boat at Schoodic

This is a picture from this summer of Ella, Auntie Krick (my sister, Kristi), Suz and our nephew, Brevan. My mom's in the background at the helm of the speedboat. Anyhow, I show you this picture as an introduction (for those of you who don't know) to Auntie Krick, who is quite crafty and oftimes a bit too smart for the rest of us.

I will preface the story by saying that we have been sneaking the baby's name in here and there so that Ella could get used to it, but not telling her that "M......" is actually the baby's name. A few nights ago, Ella and I were taking a tubby (Ella really likes to feel that she's in the tubby with the baby - she washes my belly and talks to the baby like she's giving her a bath). Anyhow, "Gabriella" is stenciled on the wall beside the tub. I was explaining that pretty soon, we would have to add "M......." to the wall. I asked, "Do you know that this is the baby's name?" Ella responded very quickly with, "No. That's not the baby's name. Her name is 'Baby Pete'." She has a porceline cat which she has named Pete and feels a strong connection to him.

So, back to Auntie Krick. The day after our tubby, Auntie Krick and Brev came to play. While we were feeling the baby kicking around, Auntie Krick asked Ella very directly, "Ella, what's the baby's name?" She's tried this with Ella before... very sneaky as everyone knows that we've used the name around her but nobody else. The last time she asked Ella what the baby's name is, Ella said "She doesn't have a name." On being asked this question again, Ella took a second (much to my curiosity as it made me think for a moment that this might end up being the big reveal), and then spit out, "Baby Pete." So there you have it. At work, she's known as "Baby Gert." In Ella's eyes, she's is most definitely "Baby Pete."

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