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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ella's funnies

Blackberry's "Broken Eye" (read on...)

Ella with Hampden Bronco after Nursery School

Ella having dinner at Tia's House

Here are some of today's highlights:

Ella's bunny Blackberry got spooked inside his cage today when there was some intense dog commotion in our house. He threw himself all around his cage and tore off a chunk of fur between his eyes. Ella has been asking all afternoon, "Is Blackberry's eye still broken?" (He has been relocated to quieter premises in the house.)

We were upstairs playing in Ella's room- Sandi, Ella, Tia and I - and Ella was making some pretend meals with play food from her kitchen. She made Sandi a lettuce and waffle sandwich - sadly, it wasn't the carrot, ice cream, cherry soup that she made the night before. Tia asked if she could have something to eat, too. Ella looked at her very seriously and then said, "No food for you!" (again, a Seinfield flashback) but she did offer to make her some lemon juice to drink.

Then tonight, we were putting her to bed and she says,
"My tummy's hungry."
"Really?" We say.
"Yes, my tummy's hungry for water." Yesterday it was hungry for vitamins - today it's water. I guess we are raising a health nut after all.

Lastly, I was humming part of a song I sing to her each night (after we had gotten the water craving taken care of). She looks at me and says,
"No Momma- sing it with your mouth."

1 comment:

beth said...

Good luck Sandi (and Suzanne)

I'm pulling for the arrival of Baby#2 tonight---will be excited to hear the news (and to learn the name). I hope all goes smoothly--and quickly . Sandi, you are about to have one of life's greatest adventures. Best of luck to you. And be patient--it WILL happen soon.
Love, Beth Brand
PS. I'm glad Emilie is not haing a baby tonight--she would probably name it Papelbon

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