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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween preview

Maya got to wear her Halloween costume to school on Thursday.

I don't want to openly brag about how adorable our daughter is so I won't.

I will show you instead.

Mrs. Babbit was in there somewhere....
She might be allergic to the real thing but she can snuggle right up to Mrs. Wilson.

I couldn't resist this shot from behind.  Please don't judge me on the crooked part in her hair.  You try parting hair as twisted as cavatappi.

Outside with the pumpkin man, before Mrs. Babbit helped me switch Sandi's camera off the black and white setting.... I may be not have all my ducks in a row but at least I finally know how to ask for help. 

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Anonymous said...

Suzanne, dare I say it has been more than a year since I've been hear to read your blog and I was quickly reminded how much I enjoy it! I got to the last blog of Ella spending the night with her auntie and through teary eyes, read the love story of a mom and her very special girl. I look at the pictures of your beautiful family and see in the eyes and smiles of your girls - how very much they are loved. You two should rest easy when you lay your heads to your pillows at night, knowing that you have done a wonderful job in raising two beautiful girls - even if that thought is taken from a somewhat voyeuristic (from this blog) perspective or from the few words that you and I exchange when we meet once a month - it is so very apparent...
Exquisite job Moms!!

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